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We think that the Flyr 5.0 suite is the most commercial content-friendly version of our product so far, and in many ways, it’s probably the best tool on the market for small businesses that need to consistently produce and distribute top tier video content.

What we’ve found, however, is that in addition to the businesses that are using Flyr to create in-house content, there are a growing number of creative contractors and agencies making use of the app to fulfill client orders.

What’s interesting about this use case is that, if the story we’re hearing from independent creators is a common one, a lot of people are making money with Flyr!

We’re really excited about the possibility for Flyr to change workflows and increase profit margins for creators.

There are a few aspects that we think will contribute to your ability to make more money with Flyr:

Because of the ability to export HD video (or ultra HD with our new Cine quality export option), Flyr can enable a creator to deliver not only a draft or creative brief, but even a final delivery to clients directly from the app in incredible time. Because so much design and animation is automated I Flyr, the turnaround with Flyr compared to your traditional editing suit is a no-contest. Also, due to the automatic re-formatting feature, delivering in multiple formats becomes a matter of seconds rather than hours.

Because multiple team members in multiple locations can open a Flyr deeplink and make edits, and because you can pull assets directly from your device, Dropbox, Box, YouTube, etc. there is way less friction in both the initial gathering and assembly and the post-draft revision back-and-forth. With Flyr, you’re running fast and light and can work whenever and wherever you have a phone.

Nobody has our licensing deals. Those stock video/photo/graphics/music assets you are used to licensing for 50-100/unit now come free with yor Flyr pro account. That’s $10 a month for unlimited commercial license on over 100,000,000 of the world’s best premium assets. Add just one video, one photo and one song to a project and you’ve saved about $250. If you’re charging clients per delivery, you just added $250 to your profit margin.Right now, Flyr is very new and cutting edge. It’s sort of a secret weapon, and until the rest of the world finds out about it…you don’t have to drop your rates when you create with Flyr. 😉 For the time being, your client doesn’t necessarily have to know that the reformatting that used to take you three hours per delivery is now automated. They don’t have to know that the stock video clips you charge rate for are free for your use. You can start earning what you’re worth, and earning based on your creativity and knowledge rather than your hours and expenses.  And isn’t that why we all got into this business???


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