New Ways to Export

We’ve made a lot of updates to Flyr export and sharing. You’ve always been able to export beautiful videos with Flyr, but now the options are much more impressive (at least we think so 🙂 ).

Your Flyr can now be exported as a still image. A lot of our users who are familiar with Canva and Photoshop requested this. Look for the photo option when you tap export. For maximum control, turn off motion and/or use a photo background.

Pro tip: from our premium (fully licensed) images and videos and make your still compositions look even better

You can also export your Flyrs as Gifs. Tap export, select Gif, and you’re good to go! Gif export requires iOS 11.

You also have three (yes THREE) video quality export options. You can export a lo-rez version by tapping “preview”. Tap HD too export a true HD video. And tap Cine to export an ultra-HD version (try watching it on a big screen…it’s crazy).

There are also two places to find your Flyr deeplink and share it with collaborators, clients or the homies J. Tap the link button at top right of the edit screen, or tap the ellipses menu on a Flyr on the “my flyrs” screen to copy the deeplink.

Pro tip: When you open a Flyr from deeplink or re-open one of your Flyrs in a new session, it opens as a non-destructive copy. In other words, open and revise as many times as you want!

Finally after exporting a Flyr, you are given the “send to” option which will allow you to instantly save or share to any service on your device that has camera access. For more on sharing, watch this video:

Wach video: Exporting and Sharing


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