Can I add music from my iTunes to a Flyr?

As of right now, we don’t allow users to upload their own music. However, we have many great, royalty-free audio options available via our license with Audioblocks. We also allow you to import video with any audio you choose, including music. For more on this feature please check out this how-to video:

Watch video – Adding Audio

Please keep in mind that any non-licensed third party content you upload to other services (Snapchat, Instagram, etc) is subject to DMCA law.


Is Flyr available for Android?

We are in the early stages of Android development and will have a timeline soon. In the meantime, please be advised that our next product will be a desktop version for Mac. If your are interested in a desktop version, please give us feedback here:



My Flyr’s render quality is poor.

If your Flyr exports don’t appear in HD, please check the following:

– Make sure you are using high-quality footage
and not scaling-up enough to degrade quality. We can maintain HD footage, but cannot improve low-resolution footage.

– Make sure you are not exporting in preview mode. This mode is for viewing drafts of your Flyr. HD mode is true 1080 and Cine is super high resolution for large screens.

– Make sure you aren’t viewing your Flyr on a social site that further compresses your exports. Your export will be HD, but if you upload it to a third party platform, it may be compressed and will not retain its resolution.


How can I add YouTube videos to a Flyr?

The easiest way to import YouTube videos to your Flyrs is to type the URL of the video you wish to use in the premium media search bar. The video below will walk you through this process.




Can I recover my previous work?

Your Flyrs autosave every 2 seconds during the edit, so you should never lose your work. If you are working from a featured template or a Flyr that has been shared with you, or your own original Flyr in a new session, your Flyr will save as a copy, so that edits are non-destructive. If you need an older version, just go to “my Flyrs” and open an older copy.

You can copy the deep link to your Flyrs after export or by tapping the Flyrs ellipses menu in “my flyrs” or the deep link button at top right when your Flyr is open in edit mode.


How to post from Flyr to Snapchat and Instagram Stories

It is possible to post your videos and photos to Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Simply save your video or photo from Flyr to your camera library and then follow this steps:





How to get a link to a Flyr project

You can get a link to share any Flyr project instantaneously:

  • Open your project
  • In the upper left corner locate the link icon
  • tap on it
  • a link to your project will be automatically copied
  • you can paste and share this link anywhere

Use this feature to

  • allow others to use your project as a template
  • share a project instantaneously
  • send a link to help diagnose issues

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