Say Hello to the Creative Feed

You may notice something different when you open Flyr v.6.7.8. We’ve added a new feed to the top menu! Tap the “Creative” feed at the top of your screen to see some beautiful templates we’ve made using some of Flyr’s more advanced features including heavy video layering, motion effects, masking and coordinated motion schemes. This […]

New Ways to Export

We’ve made a lot of updates to Flyr export and sharing. You’ve always been able to export beautiful videos with Flyr, but now the options are much more impressive (at least we think so 🙂 ). Your Flyr can now be exported as a still image. A lot of our users who are familiar with […]

Make Money with Flyr

We think that the Flyr 5.0 suite is the most commercial content-friendly version of our product so far, and in many ways, it’s probably the best tool on the market for small businesses that need to consistently produce and distribute top tier video content. What we’ve found, however, is that in addition to the businesses […]

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